Pre Fabricated Pond

We have with us rich industry experience in meeting the manufacturing and export demands of quality assured pond liner for large ponds

Prefabricated Pond

We are first and only company having expertise in custom molded and custom prefabricated protective packaging pond .These are pre-formed pond liners, which are manufactured into a pre-determined structure with overlapping fit and use LDPE/HDPE Geomembrane .The main advantage of a Prefabricated pond is that they fold up for easy transport, yet spring in to shape quickly and easily when unpacked. When purchasing, there are numerous shapes and sizes available and installation is quite straightforward. These Ponds provide the least amount of work in shaping your pond. In just one step prefabricated pond can install:

Simply excavate enough Earth for the Pre-form to fit, backfill with the excavated dirt, and you’re done!

We hereby offer the following sizes.

  • 1.19m (length) *4m(width)* 2m (depth)* 2m(overlap(4 side))
  • 2.11m (length) *5m(width)* 2.75m(depth)* 2m(overlap(4 side))
  • 3.14m (length) *4m(width)* 2.75m(depth)* 2m(overlap(4 side)) Customized sizes.


WETCOMB is quality-endorsed company. Its quality management system aims to benchmark our products and services against the best in the world. We are professionally managed by a team of highly experienced professionals having in-depth expertise in their respective domains of ponds. Our products are manufactured by employing the best available engineering knows how to enhance the quality worth of the product.

  • Dr. TBS Rajput (Principle Scientist)

    I am happy to get introduced to you and your company "Shalimar Enviro Pvt. Ltd." for doing a excellent and tremdeous work with appropriate material (Wetcomb). National Committee on Wetcomb Application in horticulture at Water Technology Center, IARI, New Delhi, are thankful to Wetcomb and their team..

  • Dr. Neelam Patel (Principle Scientist)

    I particularly appreciate your kind help in getting Wetcomb Flexible Prefabricated Water Tank with latest Liner Technology Installed at our Site successfully for the said purpose. We are thankful to Wetcomb and their Team for demonstrating different Plasticulutre application in agricultural field.

  • Vipin

    We are happy with our healthy pond and look forward to working with you next year.

  • Abhishek

    We've been very pleased with your service and thought the tank, under some really difficult circumstances, stayed clear and weed free all year.

Why Choose Us

Quality Products

Our customers depend on us and we take that responsibility seriously, We test our products first until we exceed industry standards – and everyone’s expectations.

Our Experience

More than 5 years of experience in this field and satisfactory clients in Govt. Sector, gives us a perfect combination of specialized experience.

Collaboration is Key

We didn’t get to where we are by chance. Without the partnership and inspiration of our customers, and without continual communication and cooperation within our company, we couldn’t have become the industry leaders that we are. We are also associated with D.L. Plastics, Dutch Company.