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We have high experience in meeting the manufacturing and export demands of quality assured fish ponds

Wetcomb has discovered an innovative pond for fishes as today’s farming requires more manageable and controlled operations that can be achieved by Wetcomb fish Ponds. We supplies the pond with food grade liner in which one can stock the fishes and also use for fish farming or Patterned aquarium. Good environment is essential in animal production so we take care of biological and chemical stipulation of the pond which controls the chances of disease and other imbalance. Our professional team installs Wetcomb fish pond liner that has the high tear strength and is made of a very strong and special high quality material so it is very easy to clean ,sanitised and ready to use on the same day* unlike traditional RCC ponds issues. For the last many years we are the biggest and largest fish pond supplier with excellent results. Usually all kind of breeds of fishes SEPL can advice for our ponds.

If you want to catch a good fish then you need to build a good fishing Tank with shower system comes with the Ultimate solution which can be arranged by an experienced fish pond supplier.
Choosing the right pond lining is not easy and our mission is to please our clients with a stress free experience by supplying the fine highest quality products. For successful Fish production, all the things depend on the preparation and construction of fresh water ponds and their associated structures.

These fish ponds are made with high quality geomembrane which is cut from a large roll so that required length and breadth can be used. The pond is durable, elastic and innoxiously which allows ponds to be constitute better, quicker, resilient and entirely tailor make to whatever you can imagine. This product is customized to provide cheaper solutions and to meet equalization design requirements in storing water and has gradually increased as an end result of water resource concerns. We can customize different sizes for different breeds of fishes.

The facilities provided by Wetcomb

  • To develop wetcomb fish ponds with installation at site in which fish breeding pods setting up the inflow system with adequate water shower arrangements or arrange by clients.

  • To arrange the specific temperature for fish ponds /Tanks we suggest the construction of Polyhouse, if required.

  • Breeding increases by 5 - 10 times or even more.

  • To be responsible for the technical direction and implementation of the fish breeding, with a life span of 15-20 years.

  • For Wetcomb fish ponds, our crew does the four steps for installation:

  • Mark the area then dig the Terrain for ponds.
  • After digging clean the area and apply geotextile / mesh (if required) so that Geomembrane may not be punctured by sharpen concrete.
  • Now apply Geomembrane over Geotextile
  • Final process is to cover and stuck Geomembrane around the pond and pond is ready.

  • The company is doing their best in delivers best quality performance with its skilled crew and determined engineers.
    • Dr. TBS Rajput (Principle Scientist)

      I am happy to get introduced to you and your company "Shalimar Enviro Pvt. Ltd." for doing a excellent and tremdeous work with appropriate material (Wetcomb). National Committee on Wetcomb Application in horticulture at Water Technology Center, IARI, New Delhi, are thankful to Wetcomb and their team..

    • Dr. Neelam Patel (Principle Scientist)

      I particularly appreciate your kind help in getting Wetcomb Flexible Prefabricated Water Tank with latest Liner Technology Installed at our Site successfully for the said purpose. We are thankful to Wetcomb and their Team for demonstrating different Plasticulutre application in agricultural field.

    • Vipin

      We are happy with our healthy pond and look forward to working with you next year.

    • Abhishek

      We've been very pleased with your service and thought the tank, under some really difficult circumstances, stayed clear and weed free all year.

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